U Choose Superfoods prides itself on carefully designing a variety of premium quality organic superfood and adaptogenic blends to naturally enhance each customer’s health and well-being.   Along with a balanced diet and wholesome lifestyle we believe everyone should be able to nourish their body with these powerful ingredients.

For more information, check out this blog written by Emily (owner and founder) featured on The Ecobabe! 

What are Superfoods + Do We Really Need Them?


U Choose Superfoods uses only the highest quality of 100% organic ingredients in all of our blends.  All products are plant-based - There are no fillers, preservatives, sugars, artificial sugars, or additives.  NO JUNK!  We would like to be clear that our superfood blends are not a meal replacement; they are intended to further enhance health by accompanying a well balanced diet and lifestyle.


U Choose Superfoods blends are hand-crafted in Orange County, California.


Because I want you to be able to incorporate the potent and nutrient-dense superfoods, adaptogens, and medicinal mushrooms into your daily diet.

Because I want to provide you with powder blends and nut butters that are made without sugar, gluten, fillers, additives, lecithins, gums, "natural" flavors, or gut-microbiome disrupting sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit.

Because I want you to have plant-based powders and nut butters that are packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Because I wanted to take almond butter and coconut butter to a new level of health by adding superfoods and adaptogens.

Because health is wealth and I want to share it with you.